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Zombie Holdout Kinect Game Tech Demo (Windows/PC)

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Zombie Holdout Kinect Game Tech Demo (Windows/PC)
03-10-2011, 09:14 PM
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Zombie Holdout Kinect Game Tech Demo (Windows/PC)
Due to a lot of other exciting Kinect news, the following news item kind of suffered. Mea culpa! Well, here it is: Do you want to play a game on your PC using Kinect? Then we've got news for you! The Ninja game Zombie Holdout we reported on before is now playable on your PC as Pixel Ninja (its creators) grant all of us a the tech demo of this game.

Read on to see how to set it up, and how to play this first Kinect Game demo for PCs.

Zombie Holdout Kinect Setup
The author has set up a guide that seems sufficient to get the game up and running, here's what they wrote:
This tech demo is for experimentation purposes only. You use it and follow these instructions at your own risk.

What follows is the setup instructions for Windows-based machines. This demo has been tested on Windows 7 32 bit, but should run happily on 64 bit and version of windows newer then XP.

So you’re going to need a Kinect or alternate PrimeSense device (this demo has only been tested with the Kinect).

Next you are going to need the following bits of middleware and drivers:

Microsoft Kinect: SensorKinect Module – download Win32 installer from Bin folder
PrimeSense NITE

During the NITE installation, you need to enter the free license key from OpenNI:0KOIk2JeIBYClPWVnMoRKn5cdY4=

Once you’ve got all this stuff installed it’s time to plug-in your Kinect camera into the USB slot (you’ll be needing the power adapter for this).

Finally download and extract Zombie Holdout – go into the extracted folder and run ZombieHoldout.exe!
Playing Zombie Holdout with Kinect on PC
We have not been able to test this game, but should you want to play it then we revert to the following important information:
We have rated this demo as suitable for adults only. If you are under 18 we do not give you permission to download or play it. We do not authorise its distribution to minors.

So gameplay mechanics are painfully simple here.

Use the mouse to navigate the menu.
Calibrate yourself by following the on-screen instructions.
Move your arms to aim, push them out to shoot zombies and power ups.
Bring your hands back to the calibration pose to reload.
If you need to rest your arms you can place them behind your head – but watch out, zombies never sleep.
Aim for the head.

Game's release Trailer

All-in-all this is pretty great, let's hope other developers will follow and show what they can do with Kinect games on the PC! If you're not that much into tech demos and PC gaming, be sure to see what other Kinect Games there are for your Xbox 360 Console via our list of Kinect Games.
Source: PixelNinjaGames

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