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Full Version: Your Shape "Nivea Tone-up" free DLC
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New and FREE DLC : NIVEA Tone-up with Sarah Maxwell.

Description from MS :
Shake up your workout routine with Your Shape: Fitness Evolved’s all-new and free exercises. Developed with top fitness expert Sarah Maxwell and Nivea, this new workout focuses on full-body toning. So grab your dumbbells and get moving with Sarah Maxwell to achieve your fitness goals!

I have not tried, but I know it's a 15 minute workout and include 6 different exercises divided into 6 sessions. A new NIVEA room and audio tips is available during the exercises.
Its' a 47 MB download.

[Image: boxartlg.jpg]
Thanks bro, up on the frontpage! Big GrinLooking forward to what you think of it Smile
Thanks for the heads up. I saw this on the Marketplace yesterday while grabbing the new Dead Space 2 DLC and didn't even notice it was free.

EDIT* Thanks given.
I just try it :

You have to do it with dumbbells (the trainer uses them throughout the workout), but you can do it without them, that was my case since I don't own any and it worked very well, but it's less effective. It's targeted for women, but men can do it too maybe with heavier dumbbells. However I prefer Sleeve-Busting Arms Workout because it's concentrated on upper body and I can do it with my resistance band.

Exercises are made with different kind of squats combined with some movements of the upper body. Your are doing the same exercise a couple of times but that's ok.
It didn't teach me how to do new movements and it didn't told me what i was doing wrong, so i had problems to be in sync with the trainer (i finished with 78%).

So I think it's a really good workout for a DLC and it's free !!!
Good to hear you like it Smile, and smart thinking with the dumbbells imo. Too bad it's mostly targeted on women (at least, for us that's too bad, hehe).
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