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Full Version: OMG
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Just hooked up my Kinect--I'll right some review later but this is totally awesome !! When river rafting you feel like your really doin it !!!! I played river raft and jumped right into rally ball and came out with a Gold Medal (and a bit out of breath)

I was dancin in front of the screen and wavin my hands and it really did mimic my movements !!

I gotta warn all of ya --there is an almost invisible tape covering the drive slot--this isn't mentioned anywhere in the setup--just make sure you peel it off or the door won't open. It's a very strong adhesive--well gonna go now--back to Adventures and I still have Dance Central and Kinectimals-so I'll be writing when I need a break in between---

Totally awesome folks !!!!
Wow cool!! Big GrinGlad you enjoyed it! Looking forward to hear more impressions!

Thanks for the tip on the tape.
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