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Full Version: Kinect Sports 2 Thoughts?
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I was just thinking the other day about what might be in Kinect sports 2...
What new events could they add....When you play the javelin (I think) you can look in the background and see other events around the stadium...I think I saw the pole vault and the high jump....Events that could probably be in part 2...what else do you guys think could be good events to add in to Kinect sports 2....Just thought we could speculate for fun...
baseball, tennis, dart would be cool Smile
Swimming would be funny-Avatars in bathing Suits...haa
baseball, basketball (free throwing?), shuffleboard or curling would be funny
I wonder if they could do some sort of High Dive Event....or Fencing, Judo or Archery....Water Polo maybe...
Addition of:

Some Changes other then events i would like to see.
1. Record the game play so you are able to save the game. Also a potential option would be adding a frame with the real person recorded off the kinect. Having them automatically put those two recordings together and leting you send it to yourself would be GREAT. I smell highlight reels.

2. Adding non ranked xobx live games. When i started boxing xbox love i didnt evne know stats were being recorded all a long. Basically Ranked game would be against random players not being able to invite people to fight ranked preventing laming ranks. this would apply to all sports.

3. sports i would like to see;
muaythai / kick boxing.
judo game.
bouncer game; where you need to punch kick trip and toss people that rush against you. avoiding knives, bottles and such with techniques learned in the game. trying to simulate real self defence.

dodge ball wars.

new game ideas from here on ... just ideas.

snow day wars. (xbox live snow ball fights)

massage instructor.

improved boxing game. (adding bob and weave inside the game and adding a real time head movement where the persons head acutally moves around and making the chin weak spot like real life.)

survival game. You start stranded in the middle of no where and you need to survive in a location. free roam forest that you cultivate/hunt for food. defend against animals/bugs that bite. teaching you about traps, tracks, plants animals tool creation, shelter creation, supplies to start fires, weather, signal fires etc.
more boxing ideas.... being able to make custom fights allowing you to add up to 12 rounds. Being able to chang the clock like making it 5 mins like UFC. Being able to change the cloves to a sword and a shield that cut the lumbs off (no blood) or ou could use two sword add other types of weapons.

they should REMOVE the double knock out beacause it makes no sence.... even if the guy is on his 2nd knock down and i havent been even knocked down yet. Its happened many times he spamms and knocks me down at the same time i finish him off beacause i got careless. so i should be able to get up again but it knocks me out everytime. so it ends at double KO its lame.

King of the ring could be easy simply make players fight first knock down win and winner stays on 4-12 players. others watch the fights while hey wait.

team boxing where you line up 6 people face to face each fighting the person infront of them. its rounds once everyone finished their fight who evers left standing fights eachother. some sit out and fight the winner if his ally gets knocked down. thos ccould apply with adding weapons.

also a CPU that does pad work teaching people combos.
I think that jai alai would make a fun addition to the next installment. That's one of those games that I think could be a lot of fun but would be too scared to ever try and play in real life. Not to mention that there are very few places to actually play in the US.
thats the first time i even hear of jai alai.
(05-16-2011 12:20 AM)Jersmall Wrote: [ -> ]thats the first time i even hear of jai alai.

Yeah, me too.. although I know it now that I look up some of the google images, just never knew it was called 'jai alai'.

Could be a good sport to add!

My list:
- they could do a Winter Kinect Sports edition(Kinect Sports right now is really summer-ish)
- dodge ball (not just dodge fruit Tongue) (credits: https://123kinect.com/kinect-forums/Thread-Dodgeball)
- baseball
- frisbee / disc golf (people are really looking forward to these kinds of games, see the games list. I'd like to see what that would be like Big Grin)
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