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Full Version: UFC 130 prediction.
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Rampage jackson VS Matt Hamill. Saturday may 28.

In my opinion, I am assuming rampage jackson will try to knock his opponent out as usual. Coming off a loss to rashad evans I beleive this was a huge wake up call for rampage. I beleive he will train harder and smarter for his next fight. Rampage has GREAT striking skills and great submission defence. People accuse rampage of not knowing the ground game. however he has over 28 wins and has faught and WON black belts. Rampages jui jitsu offence may not be great or even displayed but his ground game defence is great.

Matt hamill is a wrestler at heart. This is a classic match up the wrestler VS the striker. I beleive matt will try to shock rampage by striking but i bleieve he will get knocked out if he really tries to KO rampage. Of course its possible to win by KO but i beleive his MAIN goal after testing striking will be to take rampage down to the ground.

SO i give my advantage to rampage jackson. I bleieve this fight will start out both of them striking. Then matt will get tagged by soem good punches and he will try to take rampage to the ground to attempt ground and pound and submissions.

none the less rampage is not known for his ground game beacause he has no submission wins BUT is known for slamming and again has survived many many black belt jui jitsu fighters. Unless you know jui jitsu (10% of the people) you dont really see whats happening on the ground.

PREDICTION: rampage win by KO OR TKO by strikes round 2.
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