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Full Version: EA Sports Active 2 DLC!
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EASA 2 has new DLC available - Description from MS:

The EA Sports Active "Nike Low Impact Starter Pack" is a 2 week long fitness program that incorporates 5 new excercises that focus on lower impact fitness while building core stability, strength, and cardio endurance. Some excercises and activities have been simplified, to make them more approachable for low impact users. Your trainer eases you into excercise by incorporating a wide variety of warm up excercises and cool down stretches. You will strengthen your upper body with slower, controlled movement excercises, and eventually improve your cardio endurance and slowly increase them in duration.

Price - 400 MSP

If you haven't checked out EASA 2, I did a review on the game and the available accessories here and here.

I'm guessing they realized they created something that normal people can't do. I'm pretty fit and that game kicks your ass literally, so they took a different approach now, let's see what happens!
Cool stuff Big Grin, thanks Z. Will try to get this up on the frontpage too (when there's time) Tongue.

What made you not able to do some of the other stuff? What was hard about the EA Sports Active 2 exercises?
Well it wants you to get your heart rate up to level 5 which is like 175-220bpms, that's typically when you are out of breath and can't talk because you are breathing so heavy. At that point to me, it's just ridiculous for a game lol but serious people will love it. To do so, it usually uses running or mountain biking, but your character on screen is running super slow unless you are running in place like crazy, then your character in-game moves a little bit and it's a race so you really have to run like crazy. It may be easier for younger folk but maybe I'm just getting old Tongue
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