Kinect Fun Labs has been out since the E3 and immediately from launch there were a fair few gadgets to play with. Playing with all the Fun Labs tool myself was heaps of fun and left me wanting for more, wondering how often there would be new things to play with in Fun Labs. Giantbomb has been wondering the same thing and asked the question to Microsoft. Here is the answer.

Fun Labs updates

According to Shannon Loftis of Microsoft there will be regular updates each month! This is great news in my opinion, since the Fun Labs are indeed really fun! Loftis also adds that Kinect Fun Labs’ purpose is also that of a source of inspiration to full title developers and that the stuff you see in apps might make their way in full blown Kinect titles!

The motivation behind Kinect Fun Labs is our way of providing a platform for the Kinect Community to showcase the innovative ways they are using Kinect technology. What you see today in Kinect Fun Labs Gadgets will also fuel the next wave of Kinect full titles. We are working closely with Kinect game developers to make sure they have what they want from the rapidly-expanding Kinect feature set.

The next update of Fun Labs will probably feature one or more of these apps, voting already closed so it might not be long till the next update!

You can create a gadget too!

Kinect Fun Labs will have regular updates, and the games in there will be drawn from a variety of sources, according to Loftis. This means that you can create a gadget too and maybe be featured on Kinect Fun Labs!

Future Gadgets will be drawn from a variety of sources, including game developers, university student developers and the Kinect Community. We’ve been blown away with what the Kinect community has created and want to offer them a platform for development that will encourage innovation for the interactive entertainment industry.

Creating Kinect Fun Labs stuff can be done with the official Kinect SDK and to get noticed you can send us your creation and we might feature it on!

Source: Giantbomb