This one comes along to me as well, but unfortunately it’s just another Just Dance game. If you haven’t heard of this one, here’s the synopsis:

Catch up on the moves you might have missed as the smash-hit sensation Just Dance unleashes its Greatest Hits. This collection pulls an all-star track list from four Just Dance games, creating a decades-spanning set of 35 unforgettable songs. Choose from recent chart-toppers from Rhianna, Katy Perry, Outkast, and Britney Spears, or flashback with classics like “Fame,” “Eye of the Tiger,” and more. Jump right in and groove to the music with help from an on-screen coach. Mix things up with multiple game modes for up to four players, including Simon Says, Medley, Just Sweat, and Just Create, or cook up your own ultimate custom playlist.


I wasn’t really expecting anything different with this one, as basically it’s the same as Just Dance 3, except it has 35 different songs from previous Just Dance games. Because they are older songs, they weren’t remade at all, such as starting with Just Dance 3 where the backgrounds become more animated as you do well in the song, this one does not have that feature.

The Menu

The menu is simplified again and it’s the same as Just Dance 3’s, except it seems to work a little more smoother to me at least. The menu consists of Dance, Just Create, Extras and the Uplay option. As always, I’ll break each one down.


The Dance mode allows you to select what you want to do. It’s broken down by Songs, Playlists (which has 10 preset playlists), Simon Says, Medley Solo, Medley Duo and Just Sweat. Everything is the same as in Just Dance 3, the gold moves, singing certain parts for point bonuses, the normal and arms only difficulties, etc. You name it, it’s exactly the same. Here’s the launch trailer as I don’t believe we posted it on

Just Create

This mode was added as well for the older songs. You can create your own choreography for the older songs, so it is a nice add-on. In the Just Create mode, you can do a Dance Off, Freestyle and view your Gallery.


Under the extras, you have your Credits, Unlock Code, Select Device and Settings. Under Settings, you can turn Pictograms and Lyrics on or off, learn How To Play and enable Short Dances or Short Creates.


Lastly is the Uplay section. There are more actions and awards as well. Here’s what each one is:

10U – Uber Perfectionist – Bronze (Finish any song in the “Songs” menu with at least 4 stars)
20U – Choreographer – (Create a choreography in Just Create)
30U – Stargazer – Bronze (Score 5 stars on 2 songs in a row from the “Songs” menu)
40U – Super-Duper Dancer – Bronze (Play 50 songs excluding Just Create)

10U – Just Dance Greatest Hits Theme (Exclusive Just Dance Greatest Hits Xbox 360 Theme)
20U – Workout Playlist (Unlock a new playlist)
30U – Coach Me (Unlock a new Just Create mode)
40U – Speed Shuffle Mode (Unlock speed shuffle mode)


Unfortunately there’s nothing new here. It’s just older songs from past games and I have no clue why Ubisoft couldn’t have released them as DLC. I guess its good for more Uplay points and more achievements, but I couldn’t really see anything else positive about it. The couple of things I noticed about my kids is that because of the earlier Wii versions, they knew all the moves already. The other thing was that the older songs just don’t seem as fun as JD3 and JD4 songs. If you absolutely must have this to add to your Just Dance collection, I’d still wait until the price decreases more, it’s just not worth it right now.

This review is based on a retail copy of the Xbox 360 version of Just Dance Greatest Hits
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