After troubling messages from the UK and GameStop on Kinect’s availability around launch (When does Kinect launch in my country?), it is now NewEgg that claims the Kinect Sensor is no longer available through their web store. Kinect being sold out everywhere, may be an indication that Kinect is doing pretty great, but unfortunately we cannot confirm that at this time as we don’t know how many units the individual stores ‘reserved’ for pre orders.

Pre order Kinect

Ealier, we described the Top five reasons Xbox Kinect will ‘win’ this Christmas, but we are hoping Kinect will not peak right before Christmas – as when it is not available around Christmas anymore, then it may not ‘win’ so much. If you’re looking for a place to order your Kinect Sensor be sure to order it in your local web shop, before it runs out!

Do you feel you need to pre order Kinect in order to get your hands on one in your country? Share your ideas!

Thanks Dre for noticing this, and sharing with us!

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