For those eager to still try this: Kinectimals demo out now! kinect news

If you haven't played it yet, this is your chance!

It took a while, but the popular Kinect game “Kinectimals” finally got a demo today. Kinectimals is a pet sim and is loved by young and old. The game features interesting artificial intelligence and makes full use of the Kinect sensor. More details after the jump.

Kinectimals Demo

You can download the demo right here (first week requires Xbox Live Gold, after that you can also download it via Xbox Live Free).

Kinectimals have been out for a while and with its meta critic score of 74 it’s an overall pretty highly rated game. Our own reviewer TheZeeman rated the game 8 out of 10, you can read his review here. So if you haven’t played it yet it’s a good idea to check out the demo, because you might be miss out on a game you’d really like. Check out a gameplay video below.

For more news on Kinectimals you can go here, or if you like the demo you can order the game here.

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