Turn 10 announced that they just created a very interesting partnership for their upcoming Forza title: the studio will partner with America Le Mans Series and this means that Le Mans content will be integrated with Forza 4!

Forza 4 and Le Mans

This partnership will bring tons of content to Forza 4: There will of course be the Le Mans tracks such as Sebring, Road Atlanta, Road America, Mazda Raceway and Laguna Seca and there will be 26 ALMS cars! Let’s also hope there will be a non-sped-up option to the Le Mans mode so you will be able to race for 24 hours (if you are totally insanely hardcore).

It’s actually pretty great that Turn 10 keeps adding more and more stuff to their racing title. I mean, the game is due for October so you would think they would be kind off rounding it up by now. But instead they are adding all this content now. Pretty awesome indeed!

Any Le Mans fans here? Anyone ever finished a 24 hour Le Mans session on one of the previous Le Mans games?

Source: Destructoid

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