The insanely popular PC game Minecraft was recently announced to come to the Xbox 360 as an Xbox Live Arcade game. More interestingly the game was also announced to have Kinect support. Now Minecraft creator Markus Persson indicated that the game, just like its PC counterpart, will be released in beta form first.

The Minecraft Beta

Releasing the game in beta will allow developer Mojang to collect feedback on the game and improve it before releasing the final version. Minecraft for the Xbox has been significantly altered (including of course the addition of Kinect controls) to provide for an optimal Xbox experience, so the game it not just a simple port of the PC version. Therefor it is important that the game is iteratively improved before the actual final version will go live.

The way we’re going to do it is similar to how we did Minecraft on the PC, so we’ll do a beta version first, or something like that, and then try to get feedback – find out which parts are actually fun to do, what do you like doing when playing on the console as opposed to the PC.

It is still unsure if this beta version will be free or will be available for a reduced price till it is released in the final form. It would be cool if the game will actually be free to play and this will also be the best way for the developer to get as much feedback as possible, in the end resulting in a better game. Let’s hope for the best!

Source: Digital Spy