Walk the Line is a first year’s student project and uses Unity 3D as a game engine. This Kinect hack shows a film noir world in which the player has to run through a city and dodge or jump over obstacles. Gameplay wise it looks a bit like a combination of Mirror’s Edge and Canabalt.

Walk the Line

Walk the Line shows that Kinect can really amplify the gameplay experience of certain games. Mirror’s Edge plays great with the Xbox Controller, but I can imagine it being an absolute rush with Kinect! In Walk the Line the player automatically runs forward, but it will come down to quick reflexes and raw stamina to keep going. Especially when the player moves up to the rooftops this game start looking like a blast to play. I can imagine this being really fun to play with friend and compete for the fastest time.

Check out a gameplay video of the first level below:

And the trailer:

Walk the Line is still a Kinect hack and might not ever see the light of day on the Xbox 360, but I really hope it gets picked up my Microsoft and turned in an Arcade game or something. I think it looks very promising!

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