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Kinect launches in Japan

13 Kinect launches in Japan

Starting with 20th November, Kinect is available in Japan as well. While the launch didn’t attract as many people as in Europe or USA, crowds still gathered to get their Kinect. Luckily, Kinect will be a hit in Japan just like it currently looks to be in the rest of the countries where it’s available, making it easier for Japanese developers to build great games for it.

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Kinect’s lag critics will soon be silenced

Kinect Lag Kinect’s lag critics will soon be silenced

Kinect software modules to further improve Kinect‘s power is being developed by NaturalMotion, the company behind the Euphoria animation technology found in games such as Grand Theft Auto IV, and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. They revealed a new Kinect module for their leading animation middle ware: Morpheme.

Speaking to Develop, NaturalMotion claim that the technology can bring an end to in-game lag (if any) with Kinect! Hopefully, they won’t take out the fun while they’re at it icon wink Kinect’s lag critics will soon be silenced .

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KinectMichaelJacksonExperience Ubisoft buys key Kinect Michael Jackson developer

Ubisoft has purchased Longtail Studios Quebec, the developer behind Dance on Broadway and a contributor to Michael Jackson: The Experience. Ubisoft will close the existing studio and integrate nearly all of the staff into its own studio in the province, Gamasutra reports.

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BlitzGamesStudios Kinect works when sitting down now, because of software update

Concern over Kinect’s ability to detect players sat down on sofas has been eradicated after Microsoft updated the software behind the tech. Kinect’s much-discussed difficulty detecting sitting and lying down players was caused by using a point of reference on the body that wasn’t always visible when sitting down or lying down. The software has now been updated to take the gamer’s neck as a reference point. Earlier, it was already addressed by some real life tests that Kinect Works Seated, On The Floor, Behind Coffee Table, but now we know for sure.

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