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Dance Central DLC and Update For March 15th, 2011 (Video) kinect news

Gwen Stefani is among the four tracks heading to to Dance Central on Xbox 360′s Kinect tomorrow, March 15th!

Read on to see the full list of tracks!

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Kinect Virtua Tennis 4 Gameplay Video!

Kinect Virtua Tennis 4 Gameplay Video! kinect news

Check out the gameplay of Virtua Tennis 4

Virtua Tennis 4 is the first realistic tennis game that will have Kinect support. The Kinect version of the game features full body tracking in order to accurately recreate your swings on the screen. We found a gameplay video of Virtua Tennis 4 where the Kinect version of the game is being played. The video shows a very interesting aspect of the game, check it out after the jump!

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Rumor: Dance Hero Kinect in development?

Rumor: Dance Hero Kinect in development? kinect news

Is Dance Hero really in development?

Guitar Hero… DJ Hero… and now Dance Hero? It would make sense! Activision is famous for making these kind of games and with the recent success of Dance Central you would be crazy not to try to make a succesful Kinect dance game. So yes, it makes sense. But does Dance Hero really exist? Find out after the jump.

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Child of Eden Kinect: 14th of June!

Child of Eden Kinect: 14th of June! kinect news

This beauty finally has a release date!

The game that is ‘better with Kinect‘, but even better if you have additional controllers, finally got a final release date: Xbox 360‘s version will launch June 14, a Ubisoft representative told Gamespot.

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How to get access to the online Your Shape Center? kinect news

Ever wondered how to enjoy the touted online functionalities in Your Shape: Fitness Evolved? Your Shape Center may offer all the multiplayer functionalities you desire, but how do you get access to it?

Browse the video after the break, or read our step-by-step instructions and be educated on how to get this access to Your Shape Center.

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