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Kinect’s launch bigger than Xbox’s

Kinect’s launch bigger than Xbox’s kinect news

Kinect’s launch has been a bigger event than any of the console’s launches Microsoft has done, according to Kudo Tsunoda. We reported earlier that Kinect’s launch in UK was not as impressive as the launch of a full console but now we know from Kudo that for Microsoft, Kinect’s launch event was the biggest so far.

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Kinect’s launch in UK

Kinects launch in UK kinect news

Kinect UK’s launch was probably as impressive as the launch in Germany. We can say for sure that Kudo Tsunoda was present at the launch event on Game Oxford Street where he greeted fans and even stayed in line to purchase Kinect for a friend of his. He also made sure to sign a couple of Kinect Sensors that I’m sure will sell for a premium on eBay!

Checkout pictures of the Kinect launch below.

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Kinect Star Wars & Kinect Forza next Christmas special

Star Wars Kinect announced for Christmas 2011!

Star Wars Kinect and Forza Kinect will be available for Kinect in Christmas 2011, Kudo Tsunoda confirmed! Although both games were shown at the official unveiling of Kinect at this year’s E3 conference, Tsunoda told NewsBeat that Kinect Star Wars would be available “next holiday”!

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Kinect Questions answered by Kudo!

Kinect Questions answered by Kudo! kinect news

Kudo Tsunoda, creative director at Microsoft is answering some fundamental questions about Kinect (namely about the name), and gives his opinion about why he thinks Kinect is so awesome.

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Kinect Games built from scratch, offer better experience and are hard to master kinect news

Kudo Tsunoda, the creative director of Kinect, sheds his light on the Kinect questions that are left unanswered. Read on to find out what he had to say!

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