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MICROSOFT 3 Kinects success is great but Microsoft will not abandon core

Microsoft will not abandon core gamers

At the CES event IGN had the chance to talk to David Dennis from Microsoft. According to Dennis, Microsoft will not abandon the core audience of Xbox 360, even though Kinect has sold so well since its launch.

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P1030012 600x150 MS: 2011s Kinect Games will blow people away!

So, 2011 will be all about his guy and its games. Pretty sweet!

2011 will be Kinect‘s year, or at least that’s how Microsoft sees it. The company that nurtured Xbox Kinect Sensor to Christmas madness has claimed that 2011 will “ultimately be all about Kinect” – as the device allows for a “brilliant” line-up on the Xbox 360 for 2011. MS’s director of Xbox and Entertainment for Microsoft UK, Stephen McGill, was asked what the secret to Xbox’s success so far had been in Xbox World 360.

Be sure to read on to hear his vision.

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3d kinect telepresence future 600x150 Kinects allow for 3D telepresence and light saber fights

When Kinect, then project Natal, was first announced people were either like: “The future is here“, or “this is never going to work“. Well it seems that more and more people are being converted to “the future is here” camp. When it is not due to the fact that they had their Kinect experience, then it is because of some of the recent Kinect hacks that have been released: software on a PC that takes advantage of the capabilities of the Xbox Kinect Sensor.

In the videos after the break, not one but two Kinect sensors are being used to create the full 3D world. This is because when you take one Kinect sensor it will only have one perspective, in other words: the sensor cannot see your back when it is looking at your front.

Enough talk, checkout the impressive videos after the break, and be sure to get your second or first Kinect here and start experimenting with 3D telepresence yourself! Of course ordering Kinect for the fun of it is still a great plan as well.

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kinect forza motorsport 4 Forza Motorsport 4 set to be “most realistic”
Forza Motorsport 4 is important to Microsoft, especially now that Gran Turismo 5 has been released for the Playstation 3. Creating a stunning Kinect enabled racing game may get people to come to the Xbox 360 and buy a Kinect while they’re at it.

Well, hold your horses, because Microsoft claimed the sequel will be the most realistic racer “on any console”.

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