There are many uses for the Kinect sensor outside the boundary of the Xbox 360 and gaming but this might be the coolest of them all. The people at Coding4Fun created something very cool using the Kinect for Windows SDK, some electronics and a Nerf Gun!

Kinect powered turret

Below you will find a video of the final product in action: a Kinect powered Nerf Gun turret that will track and shoot people daring the invade the space of its user. The project was put together in just a few hours (showing how easy it is to code for Kinect) and works pretty well. It’s just too bad the gun can’t tilt up and down so it could go for just head-shots. Check out the project video below.

If you think this is cool you can give building it yourself a try. All information on how to set it up can be found on this website

Source: Channel9

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